Frequently Asked Questions

We've been in the registration industry for many years and there are a common set of questions that people ask regularly. To help you find these, we've built this page listing the most common questions and answers. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

How long does a transfer take?

We do make sure that every transfer is completed as quickly as possible. However, the transfer process cannot begin until we receive the required documents. Please note that whilst we take all reasonable care of your documents, we cannot accept any responsibility for their safety once passed into the hands of the Department of Transport. That said, please be reassured that it is extremely rare for them to lose documents.

How much is the transfer fee?

£80 DVLA transfer fee

What happens to the registration that is currently on my vehicle if I buy a new registration?

You may choose to pay the Department of Transport fee and retain it, otherwise the registration is automatically made void. Unless you retain the number you can remove and dispose of the old plates when the time comes to fit your new ones. For further information see our notes on the Retention Scheme

Why are some transfers faster than others?

New marks that have never been issued or assigned to a vehicle can usually be transferred within 10 working days. The reason for the speed in these cases is that there is no donor vehicle to be inspected by the Department Of Transport. The marks are invariably held on V750 retention forms specifying AceReg as the purchaser and our customer as the nominee thus minimising the amount of administration required.

Where a registration is being transferred from another vehicle, the donor vehicle may have to be inspected before the transfer can be completed. The donor vehicle must be taxed and hold a current MOT certificate.

In addition to the time required to obtain donor documents the governing bodies require ample time to process transfer applications. This is usually two to three weeks. AceReg endeavours to perform transfers as quickly as possible, however some delays may be outside our control.