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Prefix registration were released between 1983 and 2001. If you leave the numbers blank and search for ABC you will get all available ABC prefixes or search for a number like 911 and leave letters blank and you will get all 911 prefix plates
Current style registrations started in 2001 and get released twice a year in March and September. If you leave the year selector blank and search for ABC you will get all available ABC numbers or search for a specific release and the letters to be more precise. There are around 50 million current style registrations available at the moment!
Dateless registrations have been released both on the UK mainland and in Northern Ireland but whereas the mainland moved to a year identifier in the 1960's Northern Ireland stayed with dateless format to this day. NI numbers can go onto any UK vehicle. Northern Irish dateless numbers either have an I or a Z so your DAZ, BAZ, GAZ etc are all here! Search for either your required numbers or letters


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May 22nd, 2021

Got plates from AceReg for my wife's 40th and the help and support provided was excellent.

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